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The first notion of the GYROTONIC® Method I remember acquiring were simply the words ‘White Cloud’, the year was around 1999. Then I didn’t actually know the words related to the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® . I was a dancer in my early 20s in Rome and taking professional classes at the IALS (the government funded institution that provided daily training to professionals). Here rumours were that a nearby place called White Cloud had “amazing machines” that could do wonders to the bodies of dancers. From someone’s description I remember imagining a robot type machine that would expand my limbs in ways only a dancer would wish for. I was intrigued but I then moved to the UK and forgot about this ‘flea in the ear’ (an italian saying that translates better as a bee in a bonnet)
A few years went by and while on holiday in Rome a dancer friend of mine asked would I be a Guinea pig as she needed to build a number of teaching hours before being able to take an examination in the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® . I accepted of course. Twenty minutes into the lesson, my back had warmed up nicely, my friend asked me to lie down so that we could work the legs and as my legs started moving in all directions with pulleys attached it dawned on me that this was the so spoken about place some previous years, and here I was strapped to the innovative “amazing machine” that did wonders, and indeed it did, and so I would continue to discover in the years to come.
I smiled inside when I realised that the robot machine I had imagined was a man-built wooden piece of equipment. I left White Cloud Studio in Rome feeling very lengthened and quietly amused.

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