About This Lesson

A licensed instructor leads a 60 minute (Beginner-Intermediate) or a 90 minute (Intermediate-Advanced) class for one or more people warming up the body in its entirety focusing on strength, balance and flexibility.

GYROKINESIS® is taught, similarly to yoga, as a continuous flow of motions that mobilises the spine while sitting on stools and develops into floor exercises to maximise flexibility and strength simultaneously.

The cost of the 60 minute class is £12 per person.
The cost of the 90 minute class is £15 per person.

Wear comfortable clothing, and non-slip socks or barefoot.

The Instructor

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With over 20 years experience in the field of dance and movement Luisa can help people wanting to attain better fitness, flexibility, strength and tone

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Monday Instructor: Luisa 1.45AM - 2.45PM
Tuesday Instructor: Luisa 1.45PM - 2.45PM
Wednesday Instructor: Luisa 1.45PM - 2.45PM
Thursday Instructor: Luisa 1.45PM - 2.45PM
Friday Instructor: Luisa 1.45PM - 2.45PM