From the very first session I could feel how GYROTONIC® encouraged a deep opening of my whole body and supported a physical understanding of how I could use muscles and joints with the least effort and more efficiency. This has impacted incredibly on my dancing. Giacomo P, Professional Dancer

Luisa is a very thoughtful dedicated teacher and I very much enjoy my regular sessions with her. My lower back mobility has significantly improved as well as body awareness. I have also found my level of injuries from other activities such as running and cycling has fallen away. Ros S, Chief Compliance Officer

Luisa Lazzaro is a thoughtful, friendly and professional GYROTONIC® teacher. I find Luisa adapts each training session to my physical condition, tailoring all training to provide maximum benefit to me. Luisa’s GYROTONIC® lessons have reduced my back pain from sitting in front of a computer for long hours, improved my circulation, and has assisted me in preparing for and recovering from operations to ensure that I regain full movement,for example following a broken wrist. Overall Luisa’s GYROTONIC® teaching has greatly improved my physical condition and posture. I highly recommend Luisa’s training to mobilise and rebalance your body. Morag L, Director

I found the session very informative for my dance practice, technically and conceptually. David K, Professional Dancer

The session was very helpful in addressing issues regarding hips and spine. Vanessa M, Professional Dancer